The Treatment

Using science-based technology, we can identify the allergens causing the body to react defensively, arrest the inappropriate defensive reaction, and provide life-long relief. The treatment is gentle, non-invasive and appropriate for infants and all ages.

During the treatment, a subtle representation of the offending substance is introduced to the surface of the skin. A light pressure is applied to a specific location on the back, where the “sympathetic chain” of the Autonomic Nervous System is located. It is the sympathetic chain of the Autonomic Nervous System that facilitates the defensive reaction to protect the body’s organ systems. By treating the organ system, via the sympathetic chain, the defensive reaction can be resolved.

This clinically effective treatment can provide life-long relief from food and pet allergies, chemical sensitivities and all environmental allergens, so you can live your life allergy-free!

Eat the food.
Pet the cat.
Breathe the air.
Play with the dog.
Roll in the grass.
Walk in the woods.

Be allergy free without
needles, shots or pills!