Dr. Ian was very thorough in her explanation of how the AAT system worked and what to expect in the process of treating allergy symptoms. Multiple allergens were identified that had been causing me considerable distress for quite some time. I had found no relief with either self-treatment or traditional medicine. This is the method and the relief I have been wishing for—I am so happy to have found Dr. Ian and the AAT system!


Who knew I was sensitive to so many things, causing me so much misery over time! Each round of allergy treatments has uncovered an additional level of wellness and I am forever
grateful to Allergy Free Flagstaff and I highly recommend this service to others.


This has changed my life and I am allergy free! Do not hesitate or suffer any more, this is the real deal and we are forever grateful.


Since being treated by Dr. Hanna, my allergies have all but disappeared. Prior to seeing her, I was suffering from increasing allergic symptoms, and was on prescription allergy meds, which provided limited relief. Now, I am on no meds at all, and feel great! Loved Dr. Hanna’s gentle, compassionate, and intelligent approach to care.


I was looking for a new solution to allergy treatment; no weekly shots or pills. Dr. Ian’s thorough consultation identified 25 triggers (both food and environmental) that were likely causing my headaches (more than 10 per month), rashes and digestive tract upset. I am now headache, rash and digestive upset free!


Dr. Ian’s allergy therapies have been life changing for myself and my daughter.Although these therapies are relatively new, they are more effective and non-invasive than traditional allergy treatments, and they have made life so much more enjoyable. If you are on the fence about trying this technique because it seems too simple or difficult to understand, I recommend taking the leap and let the therapy show you just how amazing life can be without allergies.


Dr. Ian is a treasure—a wealth of knowledge and knows how to explain it understandably. She improved my life, taking me off medications my primary care doctor said I would need to be on the rest of my life. Under her care, I lost 30 pounds, naturally with diet and some healthful supplements. I can recommend her without hesitation. Consult her for yourself—you won’t be sorry!


Be allergy free without
needles, shots or pills!